11 June, 2013


Among the various round tables and talks on the (sustainable or not sustainable) future of Luxembourg, there is one more this Thursday June 13: the 'Festival d'Architecture 2013' -- 'Futura Bold?'.  A Colloque will be held at 16h00 at the Fondation de l'Architecture et de l'Ingénierie (1, rue de l'Aciérie in L-1112 Luxembourg), which will include a panel on regional planning, housing, and mobility issues. Participation of SUSTAINGOV is foreseen.
Entrée libre.

A reportage on the event can be found here

Addendum II
This is just to add a personal reflection on the above event and thus add a certain detail to what the otherwise really good piece in the woxx does not refer to.
The first two round-tables were actually concerned with the same issue: the state and the future of the country's spatial or, even better, general development ('Landesplanung'). It would have actually been interesting to have the two round-tables brought into conversation with each other, rather than having them one following the other. And pity that the RT1, consisting exclusively of money people if you want, was not really confronted with the limits of the current development model, and even less so with the obvious constraints of the contemporary planning attitude and government's strategy.
As there are lots of discourses on the country's future currently going on, it seems necessary not to repeat the usual talks on well-known single topics in usual configurations, but to mix up the various fields of development, bring them into interaction and let the various social and political milieux exchange their ideas, rather than just present individual statements.
MH, 27 June 2013

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