08 September, 2014

Job Opportunity

Student Assistantship

The SUSTAIN_GOV research team is searching motivated graduate students who will carry out a variety of tasks associated with the project, and who seek to relate the topic of governance and planning to their own research program objectives. In this respect, the research assistant will provide on-going project management support, while at the same time be encouraged to develop a parallel yet complimentary independent research agenda that is directly relevant to their own academic program of study and academic purposes such as Masters Theses, essays, or independent or directed studies.

Job responsibilities include attending team meetings, miscellaneous Office Management, (e.g. web blog management, translations, database management, conference organization), Engaging in research activities associated with SUSTAIN_GOV, developing and carrying out an independent research agenda related to the topic.

Requirements: The candidate must be enrolled as full-time as a Masters student at the University of Luxembourg, be knowledgeable of, or willing to learn, qualitative social scientific research methods (e.g. document search, interviewing, MAXQDA, transcription, coding), and have knowledge of English. Knowledge of German or French is considered an asset. Further, the hired student must provide a mailing address, copy of student card, copy of identity card, copy of Assurance Card (carte sécurité sociale, bleue), and original Tax card (carte d'impôts de la commune) to IPSE Secretariat.

interested applicants should contact me as soon as possible:  constance.carr@uni.lu

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