01 February, 2017

Communicate with high schools students across Luxembourg about what it is like to be a researcher

Dear researchers,

The FNR is inviting all researchers in Luxembourg to ‘go back to school’ and inspire the next generation of researchers! Chercheurs à l’école is your chance to interact and motivate future generations, and share the passion that got you into research in the first place.

For the seventh year now, the FNR is organising these get-togethers between local researchers (having obtained or preparing their PhDs) and secondary school students with growing success. Over 70 school classes subscribed for this year’s edition.

Researchers of all scientific disciplines can describe the pupils their life as a researcher: from their beginnings as a student, to their motivation for one or the other scientific discipline, first steps in their professional lives, career challenges and opportunities. It shouldn’t be a scientific talk- more a personal interaction.

For the teenagers, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them all the questions they have in mind and  to receive information on the advantages and also the possible disadvantages of being a scientist.

You have never participated in our campaign? Then get a glimpse of it through our chercheurs à l’école video.

If you would like to take part in the action, please register online and book a time at your convenience through the following link https://www.fnr.lu/school-search/researchers/ by Monday 13 February 2017 at the latest.

Moreover, a general preparation meeting will take place at the FNR on Wednesday 8 March 2017 (from 17:00-18:00) and we encourage you to meet up at least once with your fellow researcher before getting together with the pupils. 

Do not hesitate to share this information with your fellow researchers!

Kind wishes,

Sonia Ramos                                                                           Joseph Rodesch
Communication Manager                                                          Science Communicator
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Maison du Savoir                                                                                               Maison du Savoir
2, avenue de l’Université                                                                                  2, avenue de l’Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette                                                                                    L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
Adresse postale : B.P. 1777 I L-1017 Luxembourg                                     Adresse postale : B.P. 1777 I L-1017 Luxembourg

T: +352 261925-54                                                                    T: +352 261925-60
sonia.ramos@fnr.lu                                                                   joseph.rodesch@fnr.lu
www.fnr.lu                                                                                 www.fnr.lu

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