15 May, 2017

Local regeneration initiatives in Bech

Evey year the regional tourist agency of the Mullerthal (Office Régional du Tourisme Müllerthal) celebrates its season opening in a different municipality. This year, it took place in Bech, last Sunday, May 7th. Congratulations to the organizers (one of whom was Tom Becker from the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning) who fought back the rain and coordinated a fun day for over a thousand guests. Bech was able to use the opportunity to showcase some of its new local developments that include the regvitalized train station that is now home to a new restaurant and micro brewery with „Echternach Beer" as well as a new playground. In the future, these new businesses look forward to attracting festivities and cultural events and bringing new life into this corner of Luxembourg. In addition, Bech also now boasts a brand new amphitheater constructed out of local wood, an outdoor bowling alley, and frisbee golf course.

Visitors, last Sunday, also enjoyed guided hikes through the Kleine Luxemburger Schweiz, while a number of local companies showed off their local products. Not all are listed here, but these included:

  • Eppelpress that offered a number of freshly pressed juices. Apple juice is their main product, but they also offered (my personal favourites) elderberry and sea buckthorn fruit (Sanddorn) juices. 
  • Moulin Dieschbourg - a company that produces flour milled from organically grown wheat, rye, and spelt, and by a water-powered mill that has been running for over a century. A short video here (in Luxembourgish) explains the production process. 
  • Energieagence - Bech participates in the European Energy Awards program, and as a result Energieagence was there demonstrating the potential of wood as construction and insulation material. They also offered workshops in birdhouse building for children.

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