25 September, 2017

Appointment of Dr. Catherine Wong to Palgrave’s new book series: Palgrave Studies in Environmental Sociology and Policy

Dr. Catherine Wong of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning has recently been appointed to the Board of Editors for Palgrave’s new book series “Palgrave Studies in Environmental Sociology and Policy”. She is the only early career researcher represented on a highly international board alongside some eminent sociologists including Prof. Ortwin Renn (Series Editor), Prof. Riley Dunlap, Prof. Magnus Boström, and Prof. Gabriela Marques Di Giulio, among others. This exciting new series is dedicated to environmental sociology as a distinct field with emphasis on theoretical grounding, empirical validation, evidence–based research and practical policy application. The aim of the series is to inform decision makers about potential options for viable and socially desirable strategies to deal with environmental challenges and problems. The series will include titles that cover a broad range of environmental issues, from climate change to pollution, from biodiversity to landscape engineering. Each book in the series will bridge the gap between sociological, conceptual and empirical insights and practical policy issues providing a platform for interdisciplinary but theoretically well- grounded analysis and practical guidance towards applications in numerous policy arenas.

See attached flyer for contact details and more.  

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