25 September, 2017

Appointment of Dr. Constance Carr to Palgrave’s new book series: Environmental Sustainability

Constance Carr was appointed to the Editing Board of the Palgrave's Book Series on Environmental Sustainability, alongside Professors Robert Brinkmann of Hofstra University (Series Editor), David Gibbs, (University of Hull), Innocent Chirisa (University of Zimbabwe), Grigione, Melissa Marie (Pace University), Heidi Hutner (Stony Brook University), Michael Mann (Pennsylvania State University) a group of physical and social geographers and others.  Bringing together this board of physical and social geographers, Brinkmann aims to tackle one of the main pillars of sustainability -- the environment -- producing books on climate change, greenhouse gas management, circular and sharing economies, environmental education, urban studies, natural resource management and ecosystems, and resiliency.

If you have a book idea that might fit for this series, feel free to contact Constance. She would be be happy to discuss possibilities with you.

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