27 May, 2014

Registration Open for Master Program in Geography and Spatial Planning

Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

The Master in Geography and Spatial Planning is designed for students who embrace the multi- dimensionality and complexity of the evolution of cities and regions, reflecting global changes and local dynamics.

The programme addresses key social, economic and environmental challenges with a geographical and multi-scalar perspective. Sustainable planning strategies require a holistic approach and push researchers and experts to enlarge the scope of their competences and move beyond singular disciplinary culture.

Students will be prepared for understanding a wide range of European and transnational planning philosophies and processes, as well as transcending current limits. Students will gain an understanding of integrative approaches and be trained in a wide range of approaches in geographical analysis and spatial planning, and be prepared to meet the demands for sustainable spatial planning strategies and improved urban and territorial governance processes.

  • 120 ECTS in 4 semesters (duration of study may be extended)
  • Designed for a maximum of 25 students per year
  • Distinguished teaching and research staff
  • 200 € /semester
  • Teaching languages: English is compulsory. Students may also write in French or German 

Further general and contact information here
Application requirements and procedures here

Further:  Two studentships will be available to students interested in working on the SUSTAINGOV project with myself (Constance Carr) and Markus Hesse.  Applicants with this special interest should contact me directly as soon as possible after completing the application procedures.

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