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where urban geographers at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Luxembourg, talk about the spaces and flows that constitute contemporary urban processes. Find information on conference announcements, new publications, new members of staff, project summaries, upcoming talks, and our latest musings on urban and regional governance, sustainability planning, green cities, (sub)urbs, global cities, market-led development and ramifications on housing, urban growth, and much more. There, you can also subscribe to our email list and stay updated.

If you landed here, you were probably looking for one of our recent commentaries:

Hesse, M., 2018. Combien ça coûte? – Some concluding notes on land, money, property & profit (Part II)
Hesse, M., 2018. Another tale of large-scale urban planning: The quandaries of mobility into and out of Campus Belval
Hesse, M., 2018. Combien ça coûte? A note on land, money, property & profit (Part I)
Hesse, M., Doerr, JT., and Carr, C. 2018. Keep off the grass - even if the grass is not grass

Hesse, M 2018. IKEA’s locational strategy - ‘Back’ to the city, or just another facet of urban-economic development? Update
Hesse, M. and Carr C. 2018 The Corporate City Looming Part II: The “smart” City competes
Hesse, M., and Caruso, G. 2018. New theme issue of Urban Planning out now, coordinated by guest editors, Markus Hesse and Geoffrey Caruso, University of Luxembourg
Carr, C., and Hesse, M. 2017. The corporate city looming? Part I
Carr, C. 2017. Hipsterland in Toronto's East Downtown
Carr, 2017. Digital Cities - Toronto trying to get ahead
Carr, C. 2017. Reconstructing the Hypercentre - Documenting Hamilius Part II

Becker, T., Christmann, N., Glatter, J., Hesse, M. 2017. Bericht zur Tagung des AK Wohnungsmarktforschung
Hesse, M. 2017. How many "likes" does a university need?
Hesse, M., 2017. Us and Them, city and region — Are 'they' really the cause of 'our' problems?
Carr, C. 2017 Local regeneration initiatives in Bech
Hesse, M., and Carr 2017 Two Perspectives on the AAG
Carr, C. 2017 UL Geographers attend the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers in Boston
Carr, C. and Becker. 2017. A Report on the Shut up and Write HERG Writing Retreat at Dartington Hall, Jan 2017, and an Argument for Writing Retreats at the University of Luxembourg
Becker, T. 2016. Cities leading the way to a better future? EU launches new ‘State of European Cities Report’
Carr, C. 2016. Making Sense of Open Access Journals - a Beginning
Hesse, M. 2016.
“Brown shoes don’t make it, quit school, don’t fake it.” (FZ, 1967)
Carr, C., and Hesse, M. 2016. Are “Cities” really “The Future”?
Hesse, M. 2016. The peculiar politics of redlining.’s everything store … not for everybody?
Carr, C. 2015. When the Heart Went... Documenting Hamilius, Part I

Carr. C. 2015. Findings and Interpretations - Meeting at the ETH Zürich to discuss the Glatt
Hesse, M. Cherries from Chile to China
Carr, C. 2014 Airport Region Glatt
Carr, C. 2014. Potenziellen und Gefahren der IBA als Planungsinstrument
Hesse, M. and Carr C. 2014. Luxembourg - quo vadis?
Carr, C., and Hesse, M. 2013. Our Tour of the Glatt, Part I